International Security & Defence Systems
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ISDS was chosen by the Committee Organization of Rio2016 and the IOC to be an Official Sponsor and Supplier for the Rio2016 Olympic Games.

ISDS is a multi-national security company with a global outlook.
A worldwide influential, sophisticated security consultant and integrator in areas such as Homeland security (HLS), Defense, Maritime and Aviation security, Infrastructure, Multi-National Enterprises and the security of Mega-Events.

With a record dating back to 1982 in planning, developing, integrating and operating large-scale security projects in versatile environment, ISDS provides an integrated solution for security projects of high complexity.

ISDS Ltd. develops and provides targeted integrated security solutions to meet our clients’ needs and demands. ISDS Ltd. provides services for government, private, and major event sectors. The company applies its extensive international security and defense experience, knowledge, and skills to deliver the effective integrative security solutions.

ISDS is registered and certified by the Israeli M.O.D., and operates according to the Israeli M.O.D. guidelines and regulations.


Leo Gleser President and Founder
Tomer Fulman CEO
Ron Shafran Vice President
Einav Shachar Project Manager

ISDS Main Headquarters

ISDS Ltd                                                 ISDS Brazil

Nir Zvi, Israel                                                       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil               

ISDS Mexico                                          ISDS Panama  

Mexico City, Mexico                                              Panama City, Panama

ISDS Peru                                              ISDS Argentina

Lima, Peru                                                           Buenos Aires, Argentina

ISDS USA                                               ISDS Honduras 

Princeton, New Jersey                                          Tegucigalpa, Honduras